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ALFN Attorney/Trustee members are law firm within the mortgage banking industry that represents creditors. The entire law firm joins the ALFN and all employees may enjoy member benefits. Attorney/Trustee members join by state and initiation fees and dues are structured based on firm size and the number of states in which a firm joins. 

ALFN Associate Members are ancillary service providers within the mortgage banking industry.  In instances where an associate applicant is wholly owned by a law firm or trustee, the law firm or trustee must first be a member of the AFLN. The entire company joins the ALFN and all employees may enjoy member benefits. 

ALFN Mortgage Servicer Members are individuals employed by a mortgage servicer, lender, originator or other financial services firm in a role associated with the operations, processing, oversight, regulation, compliance or management of servicing defaulted mortgage products.
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