ANSWERS, the ALFN’s flagship annual conference, is an invitation-only, retreat style conference focused on connecting our members to new business partners, potential clients, and up-to-date education that builds better businesses and makes doing business a better experience. ANSWERS is held each July and attracts 325+ senior level leaders from across the mortgage servicing industry. Learn More

Servicing is a big business—and the logistics and cost of training thousands of servicing personnel is prohibitive—that’s why each year the ALFN takes training on the road. And with our new, drilled-down focus on specific areas, it's even easier to train your two key departments: bankruptcy and foreclosure, in separate and highly tailored events. Introducing our new concept: Intersect. Kick off the new year with our bankruptcy focused Intersect followed by the foreclosure version in Fall 2017.  Learn More

Advocacy Day is the ALFN’s annual legislative and regulatory policy summit and is the industry’s largest grass roots advocacy effort focused on issues specific to the servicing of distressed and defaulted mortgage products. Advocacy Day includes face-to-face dialogue with nearly 100 members of Congress and representatives from key industry regulators such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). Learn More

Hosted by Women in Legal Leadership (WILL), the ALFN offers its members an open and engaging opportunity each year to discuss issues facing women and minorities in the mortgage servicing industry. Willpower includes a special session each year with the Offices of Minority and Women Inclusion from the CFPB and FHFA. WILLPOWER is just one benefit of joining WILL. To learn more about WILL and membership in the group, click here. Learn More

Close out the year with our final event, Intersect: Servicing + Foreclosure, a Dallas-based event that regularly draws over 100 mortgage servicing clients for a day-long, in-depth training focused on the intersection of mortgage servicing and the ever-changing foreclosure process. With state spotlights and detailed sessions on national issues and trends, Intersect is a can't miss opportunity to close out your year with a highly rated, expert-led training session for your team.