Sponsorship Partners

We thank these annual sponsorship partners for their commitment to supporting the ALFN at the highest level possible.  Each of these members have contributed a substantial amount of support towards our events and publications this year. 

Interested in becoming an annual sponsorship partner?  Contact Susan Rosen for details and to setup an annual package. 

Discounts for purchasing an annual package range from 15-32.5% off on event sponsorships, and 30-65% off on advertising and other opportunities. 

It pays off to bundle your sponsorship opportunities for the year through an annual sponsorship package.

Discounts offered based on the total amount spent through an Annual Agreement:
Total Amount Spent
(before annual sponsorship discounts are applied)
Discount % Given on Programs (Events)* Discount % Given on Other Opportunities (Online)**
$ 5,000-5,999 15% 30%
$ 6,000-8,499 17.50% 35%
$ 8,500-10,999 20% 40%
$ 11,000-13,499 22.50% 45%
$ 13,500-15,999  25% 50%
$ 16,000-18,499  27.50% 55%
$ 18,500-20,999  30% 60%
$ 21,000+ 32.50% 65%

* Programs (Events) in the chart above are for sponsorships for in-person ALFN events (WILLPOWER Summit, IDEA Summit, ANSWERS, INTERSECT), online ALFN events (WEBINARS) or other event opportunities offered by ALFN (such as ALFN exhibit booth opportunities at the MBA Servicing Conference).

** Other Opportunities in the chart above are for Non-event based opportunities. Includes Ad purchases in ALFN digital publications (Legalist, WILLed, ANGLE, ALFN Annual Awards Publication), and any online advertising on ALFN.org or the ALFN Events Mobile App.

ALFN members that commit to an annual sponsorship agreement, with sponsorships at two or more events, and a total spend in the agreement of $10,000+ after all discounts have been applied, will receive these additional benefits and branding online, and during any in-person ALFN hosted events (WILLPOWER Summit, IDEA Summit, ANSWERS, INTERSECT) for the entire calendar year of the agreement:
  • Sponsor logo (with other annual sponsorship partner logos) on a dedicated page of the ALFN.org website.
  • Sponsor logo (with other annual sponsorship partner logos) on the PowerPoint slides during breaks at all ALFN in-person events, with verbal recognition and thanks for your support in opening and closing remarks.
  • Sponsor logo (with other annual sponsorship partner logos) on all ALFN event mobile apps offered at ALFN in-person events.
  • Sponsor logo (with other annual sponsorship partner logos) on easel signage at all ALFN events.
  • Sponsor logo (with other annual sponsorship partner logos) on a designated page in the ALFN Legalist (membership directory) publications.