Is the ALFN a non-profit organization? 
Yes, the ALFN is a 501(c)6 non-profit trade association recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The association is exempt from Federal Income Tax.  The ALFN is a non-profit corporation, incorporated under the Missouri Non-profit Corporation Act, RSMo. Chapter 355.  The ALFN has held its non-profit status since the organization's inception November 6, 2001.  

Who should I contact about membership? 
If you're interested in ALFN membership, you can either complete our online application or contact Susan Rosen to discuss our membership categories and the options and customizations available to you. 

How much is ALFN membership? 
ALFN membership fees are based on the class of membership and then tiered by states (attorney/trustees) or level (associates). Currently, mortgage servicers & GSE's may participate in the ALFN at no cost. For the complete dues schedule for the Attorney-Trustee and Associate Membership classes, click here

I'm a member of the ALFN and I'm interested in getting more involved. How should I go about that? 
At ALFN, while we're a large organization, we pride ourselves on our "small" approach to our membership experience. Since our membership is held by the entire organization for our attorney/trustee and associate member classes, we encourage each member organization to assign one primary contact and then as many affiliate contacts as you'd like. To make the most of our volunteer and networking opportunities, each member would ideally have key people attending our events, sponsoring throughout the year, and volunteering in at least three member groups (each member should always be represented in JPEG, WILL and one of the practice groups). If you're doing all that, then rest assured you're on the path to maxing your member benefits. For a quick guide, click the image below. 

As a member, can I access ALFN financial information and the organization's bylaws? 
Yes, the ALFN makes its foundational and guiding documents available to all ALFN members by logging into the member portal on ALFN.org. Each year the ALFN publishes financial information following the annual Member's Meeting at ANSWERS each July. Other important documents that members can and should periodically access include our policies related to Legal Updates and ANGLE contributions, networking with clients during ALFN events, and our anti-trust policies, among others. 

Where can I find information about the ALFN's annual conference, ANSWERS? 
Everything ANSWERS-related can be found on the conference's stand-alone site, ALFNANSWERS.org. Each spring, the website is updated with information regarding our speakers, sessions, sponsorship opportunities and much more for that year's conference.

What kind of advocacy does the ALFN do on behalf of its members? 
The ALFN is proud to be the home of one of the most important advocacy events on behalf of the mortgage servicing industry, Advocacy Day. This event isnt held annually, but we periodically host this event to further our ongoing advocacy efforts to educate members of Congress, the Administration and Financial Services Regulators on issues important to and impacting the servicing of defaulted or distressed mortgage products. Our efforts culminate with this legislative and regulatory summit where our members conduct nearly 100 face-to-face meetings in Washington, DC. Learn more here.  ALFN also frequently provides comment letters on issues that impact our members with the CFPB, FHFA, FHA/HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the larger Mortgage Servicing community.

I'm having trouble finding something on this site. Who should I contact? 
First, review our complete sitemap here to see if you can quickly find the page you're looking for. For other issues, contact info@alfn.org