The ANGLE is the ALFN’s flagship publication published digitally once each quarter. The magazine features in-depth legal analysis of local, state and federal laws affecting mortgage servicing and foreclosure throughout the country. Readers will find member spotlights, state snapshots, infographics and feature-length articles in each issue of the ANGLE. Learn more about each issue’s focus or access an archived ANGLE online. Learn More

WILLed contains articles that are authored by members of the ALFN's Women in Legal Leadership (WILL) group, and is published digitially each quarter.  These articles focus directly on the issues that impact women, with a focus on empowering women by providing the educational tools they need to be leaders. Learn More
ALFN Annual Awards
Published annually during the ALFN’s Annual Conference (ANSWERS), this awards publication features sections that are dedicated to each of the ALFN's annual award types.  Learn More

  • ALFN Industry Achievement Awards - These individual awards are open to ALFN Members and Mortgage Servicers or GSE’s whose overall achievements and work within the financial services industry has helped provide opportunities in advancing the legal and financial services industries, through education, training, leadership, mentoring or acting as a role model.  Up to 6 ALFN Industry Achievement Awards are given each year (including up to 5 awards for ALFN Members, and 1 Servicer or GSE award). Award recipients will have displayed the highest level of professionalism and leadership, and who have been a continued advocate for the industry and ALFN for an extended period of time
  • ALFN JPEG Picture the Future Awards - This award highlights up to 13 stand-out young professionals each year. The cast of each edition showcases a range of young, dynamic future leaders who are innovating, challenging, disrupting, and redefining the future of the mortgage servicing industry. The nomination period opens each spring and is open to any qualified young professional that is employed in-house by an ALFN member business, mortgage servicer, or GSE. Learn More
  • ALFN Member Service Awards - This award is given to the top 2 Attorney-Trustee member companies and the top 2 Associate member companies that have exhibited the highest level of support and participation in the ALFN throughout the past year (August 1 – July 31). This level of support is determined by a member companies’ participation in certain ALFN activities such as leadership positions held, committee involvement, authoring articles, speaking at events, and others.  The Member Service award recipients are determined through the ALFN ASSURE Member Rewards Program.  More information is available at  For the award eligibility, we count the total number of volunteer credits each member company has achieved over the past year (August 1 – July 31) in the ASSURE Member Rewards Program.  This award isn’t based solely on money spent, but the time and effort a member company has spent in supporting ALFN activities.
Legalist - ALFN's Member Directory
Published twice a year in February & July, the Legalist includes an easy-to-use alphabetical listing of all ALFN members throughout the country and is organized by state (for Attorney/Trustee Members) and service (for Associate Members). The Directory offers additional options for members to enhance their listings (basic listings are complimentary to all members) with either a half-page format or a full two-page photo feature spread. Learn More

Legal Updates
Members throughout the country submit timely updates on local, state, and federal issues affecting the mortgage servicing industry. Topics range from case law developments, appellate wins, legislative to regulatory changes. ALFN Legal Updates are delivered directly to our mortgage servicing database as an educational tool and offer unparalleled branding exposure for ALFN members. Learn More

Member Materials
New member or charter member, use this easy-to-navigate guide to refresh your memory of ALFN services and benefits. Maximize your ROI by plugging the right people into ALFN groups, plan which events to attend and when to host an ALFN webinar, and pick the very best opportunities to maximize your sponsorship dollars so your organization is spotlighted throughout the year.  Learn More