Amicus Briefs

The ALFN Amicus Briefs Committee monitors appellate cases with the potential for major industry or practitioner impact. The group reviews and approves submitted cases as well as coordinates position development, authorship, and submission of amicus briefs on behalf of the ALFN. The Amicus Briefs Committee meets quarterly and as cases are suggested and thereafter as necessary. To request the ALFN's support as a friend of the court in a case pertinent to the mortgage servicing industry, contact ALFN members may submit cases to the Amicus Briefs Committee for review at any point by emailing  

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Leadership Team:  
  • Vice-Chair (Attorney-Trustee member, must be an Attorney)
    • David Rodstein - Miller George & Suggs - (term ends 12/31/23, then moves to Chair for a 2 year term that ends 12/31/25)
  • Servicer Chair (Servicer/GSE, must be an Attorney)
    • Vacant Seat (term ends 12/31/23, may be re-elected for another 2 year term)
  • Chair Emeritus (immediate past Chair) (Attorney-Trustee member, must be an Attorney)
    • Vacant Seat (term ends 12/31/22)
Appointed Leadership Positions – Not Members of the Committee’s Leadership Team:
  • Secretary (Attorney-Trustee member, can be an Attorney or non-Attorney)
    • Stephen Hladik - Hladik, Onorato & Federman - (term ends 12/31/23, may be re-appointed for another 2 year term or may run for leadership team after term ends)


ALFN Staff Liaison
Susan Rosen

Jim Noonan
Noonan & lieberman

David Rodstein
Miller, George & Suggs