About Us

About the ALFN

The ALFN is a national network of legal and residential mortgage banking professionals and leads the industry as a provider of strategic and timely education. The largest national organization of its kind, the ALFN offers members of the residential mortgage banking community high quality educational and training resources. ALFNs membership rosters include professionals from the following segments of the residential mortgage banking community: Legal, Residential Mortgage Bankers and Investors, Risk Evaluation, Investment Research, Consulting, Land and Title, Technology and Asset Protection.

Our Vision
The American Legal & Financial Network (ALFN) will be recognized as the primary catalyst of the mortgage banking community and as the forum of choice for the articulation of concerns and issues.

Our Mission
The ALFN is a professional organization comprised of members of the legal and financial services industries.  Our mission is to serve our members through leadership, education, advocacy, and professional development.

Our Core Values
  • Integrity – We pursue our mission with enthusiasm, respect, honesty and fairness for our members.  We uphold the values of the ALFN in every action and decision we make.  We are committed to act in good faith, to comply with the rule of law and in accordance with our policies and standards.  We will pursue strategies and thinking long term for the best interests of this association.
  • Excellence – Striving to be the best at everything we do is something we all take pride in to deliver the highest level of customer service to our members.  Our success is dependent on our employees and volunteer leaders to continue delivering consistent excellence across all platforms and association offerings.
  • Inclusiveness – We take pride in our diversity to maximize the relationships we have between our members and the ALFN.  Our intent is to represent our diverse population, which should be the catalyst for increased engagement and participation.  We will continue to recognize ways in which we can become more diverse to include all individuals to help further our success.
  • Member Driven – Focused and driven by the needs of our members, representing their best interests.
Our History
On October of 2001, Garry McCubbin, Esq., and Wes Kozeny, Esq., determined to create a different kind of professional organization. Beginning as an effort to bring residential mortgage industry professionals together, today's ALFN is the largest national organization of its kind and has become a sweeping industry phenomenon.

As members of the residential mortgage community, we are privileged to live and work in an industry that is constantly growing and changing. Our industry is teeming with talented and highly energetic professionals who are overflowing with new ideas and approaches. Attorneys, residential mortgage bankers, and service providers alike are part of this dynamic, and by working together we can become a force for strategic information, quality education, positive innovation and change. We seek members who will join with us to provide the members of the residential mortgage banking industry the education necessary to thrive in a business environment of increasing interdependency and change. We seek to foster a dynamic educational environment where the ever present changes in our industry offer our members an opportunity to learn and grow. We see the ALFN as a leader in education, connection, innovation, and industry wide coordination. Those of us who are working in the residential mortgage banking industry today will witness significant changes. The ALFN will remain focused upon providing the best in education and working with our members to make this industry of ours a better place for all of its stakeholders. "Change your thoughts and you change your world," Norman Vincent Peale (1898 - 1993).

In mid-2016, during the 14th annual conference, ANSWERS, founder Wes Kozeny resigned from his seat on the ALFN Board of Directors. Kozeny and his firm remain active members, supporting the organization across its events, publications, and other programs.