About Us

About the ALFN
Founded in November 2001 (with our industry launch in June 2002), the American Legal & Financial Network “ALFN” is mutual benefit nonprofit corporation, incorporated under the Missouri Nonprofit Corporation Act, RSMo. Chapter 355, and formed as a business league (trade association) pursuant to Section 501(c)6 of the Internal Revenue Code.  ALFN remains the largest legal services-based association in the mortgage servicing industry.

The ALFN is comprised of Attorney-Trustee Members (law firms or foreclosure trustees that provide foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction, collections, loss mitigation, litigation or other default related legal services to creditors) and Associate Members (service providers that provide ancillary services to other ALFN members and/or creditors).  ALFN has additional opportunities for mortgage servicers, lenders, banks, credit unions, GSE's, rating agencies, chapter 13 bankruptcy trustees, mortgage servicing investors and others. 

Our members’ primary business is representing the interests and needs of the legal services and mortgage servicing industries, and providing best-of-class services to their clients.  Our Attorney-Trustee membership segment includes law firms of all sizes from smaller boutique firms to larger multi-state and multi-practice firms, who collectively provide legal services in all 50 states and some U.S. territories.  With a special emphasis on creditors’ rights legal issues, the majority of our Attorney-Trustee members represent mortgage servicers, banks, lenders, credit unions, investors, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD, VA, Ginnie Mae and others.  Some of our law firm members do have other legal practice areas that are unrelated to creditors’ rights.  Our Associate members include title companies, software companies, process servers, consultants, asset management companies and others who provide ancillary services to the mortgage servicing industry. 
The ALFN has created a network of highly experienced attorneys and service providers who are committed to educating those within the mortgage servicing industry on current practices and procedures, with an emphasis on creditors rights legal issues. We assume a leadership role in creating a forum where industry representatives can develop and coordinate ideas on current topics. The ALFN has created a network infrastructure in which members and other industry participants can unite to share ideas and take advantage of valuable educational resources.

Our Vision
ALFN will be recognized as the forum of choice for the articulation of concerns and issues within the creditors’ rights segment of the mortgage servicing industry.

Our Mission
ALFN is dedicated to advancing creditors’ rights and the legal profession through leadership, education, advocacy, professional development, and networking opportunities. Our extensive member network of industry leading creditors’ rights law firms, foreclosure trustees, service providers, and mortgage servicing professionals is committed to supporting and promoting best practices within the mortgage servicing industry.

Our Core Values
  • Integrity – We pursue our mission with enthusiasm, respect, honesty and fairness for our members.  We uphold the values of the ALFN in every action and decision we make.  We are committed to act in good faith, to comply with the rule of law and in accordance with our policies and standards.  We will pursue strategies and thinking long term for the best interests of this association.
  • Excellence – Striving to be the best at everything we do is something we all take pride in to deliver the highest level of customer service to our members.  Our success is dependent on our employees and volunteer leaders to continue delivering consistent excellence across all platforms and association offerings.
  • Inclusiveness – We take pride in our diversity to maximize the relationships we have between our members and the ALFN.  Our intent is to represent our diverse population, which should be the catalyst for increased engagement and participation.  We will continue to recognize ways in which we can become more diverse to include all individuals to help further our success.
  • Member Driven – Focused and driven by the needs of our members, representing their best interests.

Our History
The ALFN was chartered in November 2001 by Garry McCubbin, Esq., and Wes Kozeny, Esq., with its industry launch in June 2002.  These two industry leaders saw an opportunity to create a legal services trade association within the mortgage servicing industry, that focused on providing opportunities for all industry stakeholders to get involved, without limits to the number of members allowed per state.

Client Involvement & Opportunities
Not only does ALFN provide benefits and opportunities for our members, but we also cater to the needs of some of our members’ clients, and other stakeholders in the mortgage servicing industry.  These clients include any organization that uses law firms &/or foreclosure trustees for their legal services needs as it relates to creditors’ rights, or who has oversight and influence over the creditors’ rights legal services providers that may be used.  Clients include banks, lenders, credit unions, mortgage servicers, mortgage servicing investors, GSE’s (Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac), HUD (including FHA & Ginnie Mae), USDA, VA and regulatory entities (including FHFA, CFPB).  Clients attend ALFN events to remain up-to-date on default servicing trends and regulatory compliance and creditors’ rights legal issues, both on a jurisdictional and national level.  We provide clients with networking opportunities at ALFN events, including opportunities to network with law firms, foreclosure trustees, chapter 13 trustees, rating agencies, GSE’s, regulatory entities and others.  Clients receive discounted or complimentary attendance to ALFN events, and may receive additional financial assistance with their travel expenses through our scholarship program.  We also provide clients with complimentary access to ALFN webinar presentations, an on-demand video archive of recorded presentations, speaking opportunities at ALFN events, and opportunities for ALFN committee participation.  Clients also receive full access to all of the publications, e-updates, and other educational resources that the ALFN provides.