Member Groups

ALFN offers members an opportunity to serve on small, issue or practice-specific groups. Seats are held by an ALFN member or approved industry participant, and some groups are limited to a set number of members per group. Each group is led by an elected Leadership Team that serves for a term of two years, with some positions having the opportunity for an additional two years with re-election. If you are an ALFN member in good standing, a Mortgage Servicer or GSE, and interested in participating on one of the groups detailed below, please login and select the groups you'd like to join. For additional information on any ALFN group, contact


The ALFN Junior Professionals & Executives Group (JPEG) is the ALFN’s award-winning young professional’s network. JPEG focuses on career and business development and discusses issues including networking, marketing, practice area resources, public speaking and professional growth. JPEG organizes networking events, web-events and publishes an annual profile of stand-out young professionals, JPEG: Picture the Future. To join the JPEG group, young professionals must be under 40 years of age. JPEG meets quarterly and may schedule calls as needed. Learn More.  JPEG Members follow the JPEG Section Code of Conduct

Women in Legal Leadership (WILL) is the ALFN's industry-leading group designed for women in the mortgage servicing industry. WILL hosts an annual summit in Dallas each Spring, offers its 300+ members quarterly teleconferences, mini-events at ANSWERS and throughout the year, and publishes its quarterly magazine, WILLed. Learn More.  WILL Members follow the WILL Guidelines & Regulations, and the WILL Section Code of Conduct.  

The Complex Litigation, Legislative & Regulatory Policy Committee is ALFN's key litigation issues, government relations and advocacy-oriented group. The group focuses on four strategic areas: emerging federal legislative issues; emerging state legislative issues; regulatory rule-making, implementation, and comment; and, legislative events and publications. The group meets quarterly and may schedule calls as necessary. The group is responsible for authoring articles for the ALFN ANGLE digital magazine, hosting webinars and submitting topics for educational presentations that pertain to issues of interest from this committee. The group builds on recent regulatory, vendor management, and file volume issues affecting ALFN members operating primarily in the mortgage default space.  This group also focuses on complex litigation issues covering all aspects of default services and creditors’ rights legal issues.  Areas include foreclosure, REO, title, bankruptcy, class action, and other related complex litigation affecting the clients of ALFN member firms. Learn More

The ALFN Bankruptcy Practice Group (BKPG) focuses on recent cases, bankruptcy rules changes and other issues affecting mortgage servicers. The BKPG focuses on national, industry-wide issues, local bankruptcy rules and rule changes, new debt collection strategies, standing, and MERS, among others. The BKPG meets quarterly by teleconference and may schedule other calls as needed. The BKPG is responsible for coordinating two ALFN webinars annually; hosting one guest speaker teleconference; and authoring/coordinating digital content for the ALFN, its magazine, and contributing other legal updates for distribution.  The BKPG is also responsible for helping plan the ALFN's Bankruptcy focused event in Dallas each Spring that we call Bankruptcy Intersect. Learn More

The ALFN Amicus Briefs Committee monitors appellate cases with the potential for major industry or practitioner impact. The group reviews and approves submitted cases as well as coordinates position development, authorship, and submission of amicus briefs on behalf of the ALFN. The Amicus Briefs Committee meets quarterly and as cases are suggested and thereafter as necessary. Learn More


ALFN values the individual differences within our member community, and the benefits that diversity and inclusion bring to our association.  We continue providing access to opportunities regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, appearance, geographic location, or professional level.
The committee will work to:

  • Promote greater diversity in the ALFN by helping recruit, support, and retain members and group participants from diverse backgrounds
  • Assist the ALFN Board of Directors and CEO in the implementation of strategic initiatives proposed by the committee
  • Promote participation in activities supporting diversity and inclusion in our member communities
  • Communicate diversity and inclusion initiatives, actions, and results to ALFN members and group participants
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