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WILL Q4 Letter from the Editor
Hello ALFN WILL Members!
We are happy to bring you this issue of the WILLed newsletter. Click WILLed Q4 2017 link and then article title to read full articles. The topic this time is Personal Development, and we have brought you articles about continuing education, making resolutions with a timetable you can stick to, and a fun piece about being an expert traveler!

We want to take this opportunity to congratulate Andrea Tromberg, owner of Tromberg Law Group, who recently acquired Gladstone Law Group, was re-elected to the ALFN Board this past spring and was voted in as the new Chairman of the Board of ALFN for 2018! Andrea will continue as board liaison for WILL in 2018 as well. Way to go, Andrea! Please click on article title to read full article.

A Guide to Mastering Tasks of Motherhood and Professionalism
Growing up, no matter my age, I always knew that I wanted to be a working professional. I don’t make that statement in the context of a feminist or an individual who needs to “prove” her self-worth. My conviction is based on an inherent attitude and mindset that makes me no better or worse than any other woman by comparison. What I always viewed as necessary - having an identity independent of my husband’s; one based on my own talents and abilities. I realized from the beginning of my career that having this identity was paramount to any other aspect of my professional life...
Personal Development in 30 Minutes or Less
Time is a precious commodity, whether you’re taking the first steps of your career journey or you’re a seasoned traveler well on your way. Professional, personal, and social responsibilities all require your attention, and it’s not uncommon to have to make a difficult decision between two or more items multiple times a day. With such busy schedules, it can be easy for some things, like personal development, to fall by the wayside.
The Satisfaction of Continuing Your Education
Of all the memories of my childhood, the one constant was that I loved school. I loved everything about it, from seeing my friends, band practice, and even the hours of homework. School and good grades always came easy to me, and I never worried about hiding a report card from my parents.
A Quarter-Year Resolution
At 11:45 p.m. on December 31, 2017, millions of Americans will be mentally reviewing the past year in a rush to come up with a New Year’s Resolution or two.
Lessons from the Road
Not long ago, I was returning from a trip to Spain – the country that unanimously rejected orderly lines in favor of milling about until you get to the front. My point of entry to the USA was Detroit.