JPEG: Picture the Future

The Annual JPEG Picture the Future program is one of the ALFN’s most highly sought after opportunities, and the competition gets tougher each year. All nominations are received during a three to four-week period from attorney-trustee and associate members, as well as from mortgage servicers. Individuals can either self-nominate and/or be nominated by a third-party. Winning candidates often receive multiple nominations that attests to the impact these young leaders are making in our industry and their communities through education, volunteerism, entrepreneurship and continued leadership. 

Candidates undergo a blind review by our review committee, which is made up of members of the ALFN Board of Directors, ALFN Executive Staff members, select participants from the ALFN attorney-trustee and associate membership groups, and servicer participants. Candidates are judged solely on the merits of their applications. All references to firm or company names, individual names, gender or other identifiers are removed prior to being reviewed by the committee. The individuals that are selected join a growing and very select group of young professionals to be recognized with this award.

A candidate may either self-nominate or be nominated by another individual with knowledge of the nominee's background, achievements and contributions to the industry. Nominees should be under the age of 40, and must be employed in-house by an ALFN member business, mortgage servicer, or GSE. Multiple nominations for a single candidate are allowed. However, multiple nominations are aggregated into a single, anonymous packet for reviewers. A limited number of winners each year may be non-members of the official Junior Professionals & Executives Group (JPEG) including some young professionals, mentors, and servicing partners who contribute to the group's success. Non-JPEG member selectees will be at the discretion of the ALFN.

Those selected for the 9th Annual Picture the Future List were recognized during a special awards presentation on July 19, 2022 during ALFN's ANSWERS Conference in New Mexico.  
The Picture the Future publication featuring these individuals was made available at this event.  The 10th Annual Picture the Future Awards will open for nominations in March/April 2023, and recipients will be announced during the awards breakfast at ANSWERS on July 18, 2023.

The Picture the Future publication is available in digital-only format as an e-publication, distributed to the ALFN's industry list of 5000+ contacts, made available on the ALFN events mobile app at all ALFN events, published on ALFN social media pages, and available on the ALFN website.  Printed copies are not made available as ALFN is committed to practices that protect our environment.

For questions regarding the JPEG: Picture the Future program, please contact Susan Rosen

2022 Publication - 9th Annual

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