Anti-Trust Policy

The American Legal & Financial Network (“ALFN”) is an industry association (“association”) whose members are legal and residential mortgage banking professionals. Federal and state antitrust laws prohibit certain types of anti-competitive activities. Violations of the antitrust laws can present severe consequences, including government investigations, catastrophic money judgments, criminal penalties, and ongoing government oversight. The antitrust laws apply to associations, including ALFN, and its directors, staff, and members. ALFN is committed to free-market competition among its members and throughout the residential mortgage banking industry. ALFN is also committed to complying with the antitrust laws.
Accordingly, ALFN has developed this Antitrust Policy and Compliance Program with the following objectives in mind:

  1. To educate our members and staff about the types of activities and discussions that may raise antitrust concerns;
  2. To support a culture of integrity and antitrust compliance; and
  3. To identify and minimize or eliminate risks of infringements of the antitrust laws.
ALFN encourages its members to take similar antitrust compliance measures, especially with respect to firm or company representatives who participate or will be participating in ALFN activities. Click here to access a full version of the ALFN Antitrust Policy.