The Legislative & Regulatory Policy Group (LRPG) is ALFN's key government relations and advocacy-oriented group. The LRPG focuses on four strategic areas: emerging federal legislative issues; emerging state legislative issues; regulatory rule-making, implementation, and comment; and, legislative events and publications. The LRPG meets quarterly and may schedule calls as necessary. The LRPG is responsible for authoring/coordinating a Legislative & Regulatory Outlook insert in the Spring (April 2015) ALFN ANGLE digital magazine.

The Group builds on recent regulatory, vendor management, and file volume issues affecting ALFN members operating primarily in the mortgage default space. Designed as a forum to foster dialogue on long-term challenges facing the industry, the Group’s goal is to increase transparency between mortgage servicers, their legal counsel, and the industry’s key regulatory bodies such as the CFPB and FHFA with a particular focus on the interpretation, implementation, and enforcement of new mortgage servicing regulations and guidelines. This proactive, dialogue-driven group is tasked with leveraging the Association’s key influencers in a high-touch, diplomatic effort to build bridges, deepen relationships, and affect positive change in the perception of the mortgage servicing industry.  This group will conduct advocacy efforts with members of Congress, to educate them on the challenges in our industry, and to facilitate legislation/bills that are drafted with the needs of our industry in mind.  Will play an important role in the ALFN’s annual Advocacy Day in Washington, DC.
Andrea Tromberg, Esq.
Tromberg Law Group
Florida and Puerto Rico