Team Catalyst: Charting a New Course

[Rochester, NY] - June 28th, 2024 - Announcing the official launch of Team Catalyst, a newly formed, woman-owned business, dedicated to serving the mortgage servicing community. Team Catalyst's energetic approach focuses on collaboration and results-driven growth strategies.
Maryann Mack, President of Team Catalyst is a proven leader with an impressive track record spanning over three decades in the legal, business, and management domains. She adds, “I am absolutely delighted to mark the launch of this exciting new endeavor. We envision Team Catalyst evolving into the foremost leader in connecting decision makers in the mortgage servicing industry with optimal process and legal solutions while fostering unparalleled business opportunities for our valued clients and their diverse clientele.”
Team Catalyst's comprehensive team approach permeates every aspect of its efforts. Internally, its team thrives on a culture of collaboration, fostering an environment where innovative ideas and diverse perspectives flourish. This collaborative spirit extends to Team Catalyst's client partnerships, with a commitment to delivering exceptional strategic marketing, business development, and relationship enhancement initiatives that meet clients' unique growth objectives. By leveraging collective expertise, Team Catalyst focuses on understanding the unique needs of individuals and businesses managing default assets, to offer tailored solutions for optimal process management. Team Catalyst is dedicated to advancing the mortgage servicing industry, ensuring success for both its clients and the communities they serve.