Caballero Lenders Services Announces CaseMax Partners with ProTitleUSA

CaseMax Case Management System Partners with ProTitleUSA to Streamline Nationwide Foreclosure Title Searches.

[January 18, 2024, | Baton Rouge, LA] George Caballero of Caballero Lender Servies is thrilled to announce a new partnership between CaseMax, an attorney case management system, and ProTitleUSA, a title powerhouse encompassing custom technology to provide nationwide title searches. Together, they are bringing a fully automated solution, integrating your tax and title searches into your case management software. The integration allows you to make your orders easily, minimize errors, and accelerate your foreclosure timelines. This technological team-up between CaseMax and ProTitleUSA stands to revolutionize the request and review of foreclosure title searches. Mr.Caballero assisted in facilitating the integration, enabling attorneys in his Network and CaseMax to continue offering Servicers and Investors best-in-class service and timelines.

The collaboration with ProTitleUSA has yielded a robust workflow that promises to save firms time and money while reducing staffing and completing your first legal. This seamless automation is a valuable addition to the CaseMax case management platform, especially for firms handling a high volume of foreclosure filings. This automation eliminates manual tasks and allows staff to concentrate on revenue-generating activities. Mike Zevitz, President of CaseMax, further emphasizes this: "When we talk about automation, we mean the highest level of functionality with minimal human interaction. The automation with ProTitleUSA only reaffirms CaseMax's relentless pursuit of innovation, solidifying our platform's reputation as a formidable force. With an impressive array of direct integrations and over 40 third-party integrations, CaseMaxters saves time and money while improving accuracy and overall user experience.

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