CaseMax Case Management System Partners with Provana

CaseMax Case Management System Partners with Provana to Streamline the Bankruptcy e-Filing Process.
[October 24, 2023 | Overland Park, KS] CaseMax is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Provana, a powerhouse in the financial technology and outsourcing sector. Together, they are bringing a fully automated solution for bankruptcy e-filing, designed to minimize errors and accelerate submission times. This technological team-up between CaseMax and Provana stands to revolutionize the e-filing process. Melanie North, Vice President, Legal Tech, shared her excitement, saying, “The release of the bankruptcy e-filing automation for the CaseMax case management platform is a huge step forward. CaseMax users are familiar with seamless integrations requiring minimal staff involvement post-deployment. This latest integration fits perfectly into that mold, requiring staff intervention only in the event of an issue, proving it to be a true automation.”

The collaboration with Provana has yielded a powerful workflow that promises to save firms time and money while reducing document errors typically associated with the routine task of e-filing for bankruptcy proceedings. This seamless automation is a valuable addition to the CaseMax case management platform, especially for firms handling a high volume of bankruptcy e-filings. By eliminating manual tasks, this automation allows staff to concentrate on revenue-generating activities instead. Mike Zevitz, President of CaseMax, further emphasizes this point, saying, “When we talk about automation, we mean the highest level of functionality with minimal human interaction. This is exactly what Provana's automation does. CaseMaxters have come to expect a level of ease out of our platform that this integration addresses, and without a doubt, positively impacts the user experience.” The scalable nature of the CaseMax system is ideal for law firms of all sizes, matching their growth and expansion. Teaming up with Provana only reaffirms CaseMax's relentless pursuit of innovation, solidifying our platform's reputation as a formidable force. With an impressive array of direct integrations and over 40 third-party integrations, CaseMaxters save time and money while improving accuracy and overall user experience.

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