BWW Law Group, LLC Announces Two New Members and a Promotion

Andrew Brenner, Esq., and Robert Michael, Esq., are New Members and Sharisse Del Vecchio has been promoted to Managing Director at BWW Law Group, LLC.

BWW Law Group, LLC proudly announces the addition of two new members, Andrew Brenner and Robert Michael, and the promotion of Sharisse Del Vecchio to Managing Director. Andrew has served as Director of Firm Operations since he joined the firm in 2015. Robert manages the Virginia default and litigation practices and joined the firm in 2009. Sharisse has served as the firm's Director of Compliance since she joined the firm in 2013. Andrew, Robert, and Sharisse have excelled in their respective roles; consistently exceeding expectations and exhibiting the leadership, dedication, and expertise which are the hallmarks of BWW's exceptional service to its clients.