Caballero Lender Services joins ALFN as an Associate Member

Caballero Lender Services, LLC, the only legal Network built by an experienced Attorney, Mortgage Investor, and former Director of a National Mortgage Servicer.
George G. Caballero, an Attorney and its Founder, attended many ALFN conferences as the Director of a National Servicer and knew the group's positive impact on the mortgage industry. As a recent member, he has enjoyed participating in legal committees and attending ANSWERS. Being a member of ALFN will strengthen the relationship between mortgage servicers and investors with their increased foreclosure volume across the country. The 41- state Network law firms are fully staffed, financially stable, and can address your foreclosure needs.

Many of the attorney firms that are part of the Caballero Lender Services network are active members of the ALFN:  Cohn, Goldberg & Deutsch; Finkel Law Firm, Rubin Lublin, SouthLaw, P.C., and Law Office of Michael J. Schroeder.

George was also the primary consultant and provided substantial input for developing NPL Manager, a vendor management and cloud-based software platform that allows Servicers to refer and track orders for foreclosure, eviction, bankruptcy, title, valuations, and property preservation in one accessible portal.