Outamation Selected by a360inc as its Digital Transformation Partner

Drip Innovation by Outamation is necessary in a challenging economic environment and now businesses of any size can access the full benefits of automation complex workflow tasks through targeted solutions. 

Drip Innovation by Outamation™ is Necessary in a Challenging Economic Environment

SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- a360inc, a leading technology and outsourcing solutions provider to the legal and real estate services industries, today announced it has selected a new digital transformation partner, Outamation Inc. Outamation is an automation and digital transformation-based service provider that offers customized solutions that are changing how businesses embrace and leverage the world of digitization.

Outamation delivers solutions that enable clients to customize how they operationalize their data, human capital and technology to enhance their business outcomes. No longer are data and automation solutions delivered as "one-size-fits-all" propositions. Now, with Drip Innovation by Outamation™, businesses of any size can access the full benefits of automating complex workflow tasks through targeted solutions, specific to their needs.

"a360inc is on a transformational journey to converge and enhance the technology solutions we provide to our end-clients and their critical business partners. A journey of this scale and complexity requires an innovation partner with the resources and experience to help our company accelerate through to completion. The team at Outamation has proven they not only understand our industries and our objectives, but they thirst to innovate and disrupt," said Scott Brinkley, CEO, a360inc. "I am invigorated by the passion Outamation founder Sapan Bafna brings to this project. He has built a team of data engineers and developers with deep domain expertise that is simply critical for a360inc at this stage in our evolution."

"We are pleased to provide automation and digital transformation-based services to a360inc," said Bafna. "Outamation brings technology experience, deep domain knowledge, and comprehensive insights on execution support with the highest level of customer service."

About a360inc: a360inc is a leading technology and outsourcing services provider to the financial services, real estate and legal industries. Headquartered in San Antonio, TX a360inc delivers case management system technology and customized outsourcing solutions to law firms, title agencies, underwriters, mortgage companies and investors. a360inc continues to innovate across the real estate life cycle, providing compliance-focused solutions that span lender and legal technology, claims handling, title solutions and full-service notary services, including remote online notarization. Discover how a360inc is converging technology platforms and services to enhance and simplify key business activities at

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About Outamation: Outamation is a tech startup founded by fintech professionals with deep domain knowledge in workflow automation and rapid application development. The Outamation team has worked in North America, Europe, and APAC, with more than 150 years of collaborative experience in technology industries. Using their proprietary Drip innovation by Outamation™ approach, they innovate and deliver solutions faster. The depth of technology and subject matter expertise has made Outamation a trusted partner for clients and partners in the real estate and healthcare industries. For more information, visit:
Outamation Media Contact     | (949) 403-0484