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360 Legal, Expands to Colorado and Welcomes Emily Vavra as Director of Operations
360 Legal's new Director of Operations, Emily Vavra.

Running a client first company like 360 Legal, I'm always on the lookout to see how other companies measure up and if they are Client First.   So, what could Denver Colorado, Emily Vavra, and Client First Customer Service have in common?  Well let me tell you...

360 Legal is leading the Legal Services industry by reimagining Customer Service with our commitment to "Client First".   Our commitment to Client First Customer Service delivers superior results for our clients and drives our growth.  To accommodate our clients operations, we expanded our western operations with a new office in Denver Colorado.  As a National Service of Process provider we are on a mission to provide comprehensive Legal Services and exceptional customer service.  I am exceptionally pleased to also announce that Emily Vavra, formally a Regional Account Manager at ABC Legal, has joined 360 Legal where she will lead our western operations.  Emily brings with her a wealth of experience in the Legal Service industry.

Emily received a Degree in General Studies from the Community College of Aurora in 2011. Before that, she was a legal forwarder at NCO Financial Systems and Director of Legal Management at Richardson Riley and Associates. After receiving her Degree, Emily spent the bulk of her legal career as a Direct Legal Solutions Manager at Jefferson Capital Systems LLC., a National Professional Receivables Company.   She joined ABC Legal in 2018 through an acquisition, where she was promoted to Regional Account Manager on the named accounts management team, which managed the firm's largest most complex accounts.  As of March 2022, Emily Vavra joined the 360 Legal team as Director of Legal Operations.

I see Emily as a natural fit for 360 Legal.  She understands the fundamental values of 360 Legal' s Client First mindset.  When we were discussing her new role at 360 Legal, she mentioned that she missed working in a Client First environment where client needs were placed in the forefront of operations and that's above technology, above service, above everything.  At 360 Legal, we exist for and because of our clients.  Our Client Code is an integral Part of being 'Client First'.  As we continue to expand our operations and welcome new clients; our Client Code has become a focal point of how 360 Legal delivers service; "We exist for and because of our clients."

I am beyond excited to officially welcome Emily Vavra as our Director of Legal Operations. In her new role, Emily will lead and oversee new business initiatives, drive the implementation of policies and procedures, reinforcing the 360 Legal' s main goal, which is to consistently deliver unparalleled service and client experience.

I also found an unexpected coincidence in Emily joining the team.  As I look back at the importance of Women's History Month, it struck me as very coincidental that the Process Service Industry is 61.8% male, however 360 Legal now has 2 out of 3 Offices lead by women. For us, It was only a matter of hiring the best person for the job, having nothing to do with how gender lopsided the industry is. That Emily joins us as Women's History Month comes to a close is a very fortuitous coincidence. With the incredible talent that is out there, it would be refreshing to see some of our peers in the industry adopt a more open attitude, while hiring the best.

If your Legal Service provider is not delivering Client First customer service or there are days where you don't feel valued as a client, drop us an email, give us a call at (888) 360-5345.  360 Legal, will make the insanity stop.  You don't have to settle for Client eventually customer service or poor performance, there are other options in the marketplace.  We will show you the difference working with a Client First vendor can make for your firm.

You, your firm, your clients, and your staff deserve better!

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