Jack Compton and Harrison Tropp elevated to Equity Partners
Tampa, FL- Shea Barclay Group (SBG) has announced the addition of two new partners to the firm. Effective January 1st, 2021, Jack Compton and Harrison Tropp have been elevated to equity partners of the Tampa boutique insurance brokerage firm, Shea Barclay Group. Over the past five years Jack has been one of the firm's key advisors focusing his practice on law firms nationwide. “I was fortunate to have an opportunity to join Shea Barclay Group immediately after graduating from college in 2011,” says Compton. “It has been extremely gratifying to watch our direction and growth as a firm under the leadership of Mike (Shea) and Talyn (Guercio). To now become a partner is very exciting and I look forward to our continued success together.”
“I have had the privilege of knowing Jack for many years, even prior to his tenure at SBG. He has been a crucial asset to our firm. His professionalism and dedication to our clients embodies the culture that we have worked so hard to build at Shea Barclay.” says Mike Shea, Firm President. 
In addition to Jack Compton, Shea Barclay Group also welcomes Harrison Tropp as a new equity partner. Harrison, also a Tampa native like Compton, has been with the firm since 2016. Harrison focuses his practice primarily on law firms specializing in mortgage default services. “The last four years have been a remarkable journey and watching our agency continue to grow is equally impressive. I admire everything that Mike and Talyn have done and am thrilled to join them and Jack in this new role. It is refreshing to have partners and colleagues of similar mindset and collectively, we are beyond excited to see where we go from here,” stated Tropp.
“I am so proud of Jack and Harrison for their hard work and dedication to Shea Barclay,” explains Talyn Guercio, COO and Shareholder. “It has always been a goal of ours to perpetuate our firm to the next generation of leaders and this is the first step. This addition will continue to propel our firm and allow for continued growth and success.”
Today, Shea Barclay Group maintains four offices from Florida to Texas and services clients across 43 states. The agency's focus continues to be law firm centric, however, their product offering has grown exponentially and touches all lines of commercial risk and employee benefits across many different professional service sectors.