Redefining bankruptcy support: Randall S. Miller & Associates, in partnership with US Default Management, Launches BKDirect

Nationwide Bankruptcy Support Solution
[November 10, 2020 | Bloomfield Hills, MI] Randall S. Miller & Associates, in conjunction with US Default Management, is excited to announce the launch of BKDirect, a new nationwide bankruptcy support solution. BKDirect provides a technology-based solution for mortgage servicers to recognize a significant reduction of costs while improving the timelines and accuracy of certain documents in bankruptcy filings.
"With the high costs and thin profit margins associated with essential bankruptcy activities, our technology streamlines the production and filing process for several bankruptcy documents," says Randall S. Miller, CEO at Randall S. Miller & Associates. "Utilizing data mapping and a simple API, BKDirect generates several required documents providing a huge cost savings to servicers."
BKDirect combines legal knowledge and process expertise to offer a technology-driven platform that reduces the risk of error while improving efficiencies in the process. Benefits of BKDirect include:
·       Utilizes data mapping and a simple API to generate certain bankruptcy documents
·       Nationwide capabilities and attorney review without adding to or replacing your current legal                      network
·       Reduction of bankruptcy attorney costs by up to 50%
Phase one of BKDirect, which includes Notice of Payment Change and Transfer of Claims, is currently available at a fraction of the cost traditionally associated with bankruptcy services. Phase two of BKDirect is already in production and includes other bankruptcy support services such as Proof of Claim and 410A form completions. For more information about BKDirect,

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