Building Better Leaders, Technology in the Housing Market

From on the, the Management Symposium and Mike Zevitz from SouthLaw were featured in this article
From on the, the Management Symposium and Mike Zevitz from SouthLaw were featured in this article:

Leaders from many mortgage banking firms met in Dallas on October 16-17 to discuss leadership, management, and team-building at Affinity Consulting's annual Management Symposium. 

“This is about how this group of people can deliver a better product to their clients by being better managers, building better teams, learning about technology, and becoming more effective leaders,” said Debbie Foster, Partner with Affinity Consulting Group. 

Foster added that the event was also an opportunity for attendees to hear from their peers about the challenges they are facing and what they are doing to overcome them. 

Mike Zevitz, an attorney with SouthLaw P.C. who spoke on improving productivity and managing timelines, said, "The industry has moved to moving data around.” He told the crowd that one challenge primary challenge was in determining which tasks could done by a person and which were better served by being automated. To assist with these processes, Zevitz' firm created its own workflow system, which incorporates various codes, laws, and regulations and which can then assign and track tasks given to different team members.

Foster said the technological changes in the industry have been “dramatic.” 

“Where we've also seen some big changes is in how the law firms are managing their case-management systems to help them automate things,” Foster said. “To help them predict workload. To help them understand who's getting what work done and also to help them manage their deadlines, which is critically important. It's a big high-risk area for them.” 

Foster added that the better these firms understand technology and how technology can support automation, the better off they will be. 

The Management Symposium included participating representatives from numerous servicing shops, including Bayview Loan Servicing, BSI Financial, Fay Servicing, JPMorgan Chase, Loan Depot, Mr. Cooper, PennyMac, Quicken Loans, and US Bank. For more information, check out the website.