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Getting It All Done-How Much is too Much?

Make time for the people and things that are important to you. It is ok to say no to a commitment if you cannot be fully engaged in it.
Letter from the Editors
Dear WILL Members,
April brought many of us the beauty of cherry blossoms in our nation’s capital, Washington, DC for the combined WILLPower Summit and Advocacy Day. Our 2nd WILLPower Summit was even better than last year, and has set a high bar for next year’s event. The sessions were unparalleled, and our keynote speakers, Rashmi Airan and Kathy Rentas, both brought tears to the eyes of many with their truly personal stories of perseverance in the face of adversity. See more on WILLPower in Rosalie Escobedo from Mackie Wolf Zientz & Mann’s article on the summit. We are so excited to bring you this issue of WILLed with a special focus on networking and work life balance. Some have said that work life balance is a dreaded “three letter word,” because there is no such thing. Although this may be true, we know it is critical to every woman’s sanity and ultimately to her success with her career and her personal life to strike a balance.
Eating & Living Healthy from the Road
Every year I take the opportunity to stimulate my thoughts with renewal, take an introspective look at my goals, and set admirable aspirations for the year ahead. As a busy working woman, with a travel schedule to rival any Platinum-Gazillion-Medallion Miles flying member, I find myself in constant motion.
A Book Review of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less
I was intrigued and decided to read this book to see if it offered more than tips on how to reduce clutter in my closet, and I was not disappointed.

WILLPower 2017 Review
What happened when the best and brightest female leaders in the default mortgage industry assembled together at the 2nd Annual Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. with an unconventional itinerary in place? There was an eruption of real and raw honest emotions culminating in empowerment and improvement...
Not Another Work Life Balance Article- We Asked and You Answered
First, the WILL leadership team thanks all members who filled out the anonymous Membership Survey on Work Life Balance and Health & Wellness. We wanted to provide some feedback on the responses received. I had the privilege of reading and summarizing the results. And it was truly a privilege, reminding me how blessed I am to know and work with the many phenomenal women who make up WILL.
As a young mother, I naively thought it was possible to have it all--a career, quality time with my children, volunteering at my Church or in my community, time for myself and my husband. What I learned over the past ten years, is as hard as I try to maximize my work life balance something always gives....
Organizing Your Life Using Available Technologies
I am a mother of a small child, a young professional, a wife, and a driven woman. I work hard to be my best in each of those roles, but there have been many times that I feel extremely overwhelmed balancing my career, family, and personal life obligations. I began to compromise on the “non-essentials” - going out with friends, reading for pleasure and personal growth, and spending time recharging. Unfortunately, despite these changes, I found myself in the same place. I started to wonder if I truly could have it all. The mere fact that I had to make a choice between having a family and a career made me feel like a failure.
So I stopped compromising and started looking for solutions on how I could address the inherent challenges of “having it all” and achieve my balance goals.