Section: WILLed Q3 2016
In Review: "Leading Women"
Leading Women by Nancy D. OReilly is a compilation of nineteen contributing authors discussing external and internal worlds we as women all share, and one of the only books that features authors discussing how we can not only improve ourselves, but also connect with each other in a more positive and progressive way. I have had this book in my business tote on numerous trips and have enjoyed reading it slowly, pausing to reflect and re-read, author by author and letting their important and inspirational messages have time to simmer and resonate. A favorite section that I have read several times is Lois. P. Frankel's submission, "Eight Key Ways Women Become Natural and Necessary Leaders" with a thought provoking section suggesting that "not that we make better leaders (than men), but that we make different leaders, and that leadership must match its time in history, in the history of our country and equally applicable in the history of our companies and law firms.
Words of Wisdom
As I sat down to write an article for the WILL Newsletter I realized that there have been many women who have provided us with wonderful words that guide us, inspire us, and make us think. Rather than give you my thoughts about leadership, I decided to provide you with a few selected quotes, albeit it was hard to settle on only a few.
10 Things Women Leaders Need to Stop Doing
Leadership is leadership. Right? Well, in some cases yes, but being a woman myself, and spending much of my career in the male dominated technology and legal world there are some lessons I have learned about women in leadership. These lessons are a combination of things I have observed in women leaders, and mistakes I have made myself as a leader.
Leading with Integrity
Each person has to develop her own leadership style based on her personal strengths. In my opinion, the key principle for any leader to remember is that leadership is an honor and a privilege, and disciplined leadership is doing the right thing no matter how difficult that may be.
Lessons From the Road
Once upon a time, my boss thought it would be a good idea to send me out on the road….and now I am writing this column so you can learn and laugh at my expense.