ALFN 2021 Events Speaker Interest Form
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  Review the ALFN Speaker Selection Policy prior to completing this form (copy and paste the following link into your browser) -
This form explains who is eligible to speak at ALFN events, and how speakers are selected.

ALFN Members, Servicers, GSE's may complete this speaker form at any point during the year; however deadlines apply before each major ALFN event so please keep in mind your availability as substitutions from your firm or company will not be allowed. Submissions must be completed by each event's deadline in order to be considered as a speaker.

We are looking to select individuals who are excellent public speakers, engaging and interactive with their presentations all while being entertaining and educational, and who are recognized experts in their field. Submitting your interest to be a speaker in no way guarantees selection and only those individuals selected as speakers will be notified. Please note that not every candidate will be selected and you may be offered speaking opportunities at various ALFN events. If you are selected as a speaker, you will be notified no less than 60 days prior to the scheduled event.

Event Dates & Form Deadlines:
- Bankruptcy Intersect Webinar Series (March - Online Event) - Form Deadline January 4, 2020
- WILLPower Summit - 2021 Event Cancelled
- ANSWERS (Online Event Beginning July 27) - Form Deadline March 24, 2021
- Foreclosure Intersect (Nov. 18 | Dallas, TX) - Form Deadline July 29, 2021

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Select the ALFN committees (practice specific and other groups), that you are currently a member of.*
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Select the ALFN events listed below that you have spoken at as a moderator or panelist in 2019/2020.*
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Select the event(s) you are interested in speaking at and what your preferred level of involvement is. Leave blank or select "None" for those you aren't interested in speaking at, or where the deadline has passed.*
Other than the typical Moderator duties during your presentation, Moderators will have additional planning responsibilities including: Communicating with your sessions speakers and hosting conference calls to discuss details and deadlines for your groups presentation and topic, Putting your groups presentation into the provided ALFN PowerPoint template, Suggesting presentation styles and content, and working with the ALFN to successfully manage your session.
Bankruptcy Intersect        
Foreclosure Intersect        
If you selected to speak at multiple events, please list your first and second preferences below. We try to provide speaking opportunities to as many interested members as we can. Given this, it may not be possible to include you as a speaker at multiple events in the same year, and we will do our best to assign you to your preferred event (should you be approved as a speaker).*
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Have you ever been involved with Toastmasters or any other similar groups or classes that assist with continuing to improve your public speaking abilities?*
Select your top core competencies, where you are at an Expert level:*
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If you don't have this available online or can't upload your document to a hyperlink, please email to and list in the subject line: 2021 Speaker Interest Form Bio
  Individuals selected to speak at an ALFN event will receive a 20% discount off of the full-priced registration fee. Promo codes will be distributed upon speaker selection. Speakers will be responsible for all travel arrangements and expenses that are incurred, and you will not receive any royalties, honoraria, reimbursement of expenses, or other compensation from ALFN unless prior approval has been obtained from ALFN in writing as part of a servicer scholarship.

Only speakers that are selected for each event will be notified (notified no less than 60 days prior to the event).