Foreclosure Intersect

Close out the year with our final educational event, FORECLOSURE INTERSECT, a Dallas-based in-depth training that is focused on the intersection of mortgage servicing and the ever-changing foreclosure process. This one-day event will include detailed sessions on national issues and trends, and will spotlight state-specific issues that have a broad impact on the industry.  Intersect is a can't miss opportunity to close out your year with a highly rated, Attorney-led training session for your team. 

Intersect is built on content that has broad appeal and we encourage multiple attendees from each servicing company. Sessions are structured for both basic and advanced levels, and offer great cross training for your other default departments.  CLE credit is available for Attorneys.


Wednesday, November 16

4:00-6:30 PM – Attendee Arrivals & Registration – Please check-in with ALFN upon your arrival – Hotel Lobby 

5:00-6:30 PM – Opening Networking Reception for All Attendees – Outdoor Lakeside Terrace at the Marriott (Weather Backup Location - Ballroom Foyer)
Thursday, November 17
Registration will be available in the Ballroom Foyer from 8:00 AM-3:00 PM.  Please check-in upon your arrival if you didn't already check-in with the ALFN registration desk on Nov. 16.
8:00-8:45 AM – Attendee Arrivals & Registration, Breakfast Provided, and Associate Member Exhibit Tables – Ballroom Foyer
8:45-9:45 AM – General Session 1 – Planters Meeting Room

9:45-10:00 AM – Refreshment Break and Associate Member Exhibit Tables – Ballroom Foyer

10:00-11:00 AM – General Session 2 – Planters Meeting Room

11:00-11:15 AM – Refreshment Break and Associate Member Exhibit Tables – Ballroom Foyer
11:15 AM-12:15 PM – General Session 3 – Planters Meeting Room

12:15-1:00 PM – Luncheon – Planters Meeting Room

1:00-2:00 PM – General Session 4 – Planters Meeting Room

2:00-2:15 PM – Refreshment Break and Associate Member Exhibit Tables – Ballroom Foyer

2:15-3:15 PM – General Session 5 – Planters Meeting Room

3:15-3:30 PM – Refreshment Break and Associate Member Exhibit Tables – Ballroom Foyer

3:30-4:30 PM – General Session 6 – Planters Meeting Room

ALFN’s Attorney Hardship Tuition Policy

Attorney attendees from select states who are unable to afford continuing legal education course registration fees due to financial hardship may apply for financial hardship assistance. A request for financial hardship assistance must be filed at least 30 days prior to the Attorney attendee registering for the program. To apply, please submit a request via email to Susan Rosen at Please include the attending Attorney’s name, program title, and an explanation of the circumstance warranting financial hardship assistance in your request.  This assistance only applies to the $100/state CLE credit fee.



November 16-17, 2022
Marriott Dallas Las Colinas
Las Colinas, Texas

Registration available August 2022


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Legal content of this program is provided in conjunction with NBI. This program will be submitted for CLE credit in every state that has a mandatory CLE requirement. Individual state requirements vary and it may not be possible to obtain CLE credit in every state. Please contact NBI at 866-240-1890 or for additional information.


The Board of Directors will strictly enforce this policy with the following sanction:

Any ALFN Member who violates this policy will not be allowed to participate in and/or attend the subject event or ALFN conference the next time it is held, including the loss of speaking or networking opportunities with potential clients.  Multiple violations of this policy may be grounds for revocation of membership status.

ALFN Event Attendance Policy
This event is open to ALFN Attorney-Trustee Members (Law Firms or Foreclosure Trustees that provide Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Eviction, Collections, Loss Mitigation, Litigation and other default related services to Creditors), ALFN Associate Members (vendors that provide ancillary services to other ALFN Members and/or Creditors), Mortgage Servicers, Lenders, Banks, Credit Unions, GSE's, Rating Agencies, Ch. 13 Bankruptcy Trustees, Mortgage Servicing Investors.

Any employee of an ALFN member may attend any ALFN events.

Policy for Networking at ALFN Events
Event attendees shall not invite client/servicer representatives, ALFN members or other event attendees to off-site events or onsite venues during an ALFN scheduled event function or activity.  ALFN hosts its events in an effort to attract clients/servicers and other industry representatives, and to provide its member firms with equal opportunity to network and interact with conference attendees.  Inviting clients/servicers and other conference attendees to off-site events or other onsite venues during an ALFN event function undermines the ALFN event. 

Nor shall event attendees invite or meet with unregistered guests that do business in, are employed in, or are affiliated with the mortgage servicing industry (including ALFN members, vendors and servicers).
Policy for Service Provider Attendance
Any entity, whether it be a partnership, corporation or LLC, that provides marketing or other ancillary services (as defined by Article Five of the Bylaws) to one or more Mortgage Servicer Members, Government/Investor Members, Affiliated Attorney-Trustee Members, and Non-Affiliated Attorney-Trustee Members, shall be required to join the ALFN as a Vendor/Associate Member and remain in good standing, including, but not limited to, paying dues and complying with all bylaws and policies.
While attending ALFN conferences and events, any entity (including its officers, agents and employees) providing marketing or ancillary services shall only market, solicit, or promote business on behalf of ALFN members in good standing and registered to attend said ALFN event.