Event Calendar

Wednesday, July 17, 2024


Start Date: 7/14/2024 5:30 PM MDT
End Date: 7/17/2024 10:00 AM MDT

Venue Name: Park Hyatt Beaver Creek

136 E. Thomas Place
Beaver Creek, CO  United States  81620

Event Website: http://www.alfnanswers.org/

Organization Name: ALFN

Susan Rosen
Email: srosen@alfn.org
Phone: (214) 415-7883

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ALFN Event Attendee Types
Any in-house W2 employee of the following attendee types may attend any ALFN events if they are in good standing with the ALFN and registered to attend the applicable ALFN event (unless otherwise specified by the ALFN):  
  • ALFN Attorney-Trustee Members – Law firms or foreclosure trustees that represent creditors/lenders and provide foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction, debt collection, loss mitigation, litigation and other creditors’ rights legal services.
  • ALFN Associate Members – Companies who aren’t law firms or foreclosure trustees, but who provide ancillary services to other ALFN members, servicers, investors and/or GSE’s.
  • Clients (Mortgage Servicers/Investors/GSE’s) – Companies that originate, service, securitize, invest in, or insure mortgages.  Clients may include mortgage servicers, lenders, banks, credit unions, GSE's, mortgage servicing investors, mortgage insurers and any other companies that aren’t members of the ALFN, but who provide file referral opportunities to ALFN law firm/foreclosure trustee members. 
  • Other Industry Participants – Rating Agencies, Ch. 13 Bankruptcy Trustees 
Additional Attendee Types:
  • Guest Speakers – Individuals that receive a personally addressed invitation to attend from the ALFN, who are special guest speakers for the event (ALFN members, servicers, investors, GSE's, BK trustees, and rating agencies should not use this registration type).
  • Guests – Only for individuals attending with a registered event attendee as a spouse, significant other or family member, or for other ALFN approved guest attendees. The attending guest should not be an ALFN member, servicer or other event attendee type.  The attending guest should not be an employee of a former ALFN member, or an employee of any firm/company that is eligible and could become an ALFN member.
ALFN Unregistered Event Attendee Policy
Unregistered ALFN members that are seen at the ALFN event venue/hotel by an ALFN Director or Staff Member during the dates and times the ALFN event is being held, will be sent an invoice by email for the full registration fee amount for the event, and they may pick up an event name badge at the ALFN desk at the event.  This includes if you are seen in any areas of the event venue/hotel, including but not limited to, bars, restaurants, outdoor spaces, meeting spaces, and the hotel lobby.  This policy applies during all hours of the day on dates that the ALFN event is being held, and ceases to apply on the date and time that the ALFN event ends.  ALFN works hard to assemble the best events we can for our members, which require financial support to do so.  Having unregistered ALFN members taking advantage of the work we put in, without paying, is not fair to all of the ALFN members that pay to attend.  If you are a registered ALFN member event attendee, please advise anyone that you may be meeting with during a time that isn’t in conflict with the ALFN scheduled event, to meet you at another location other than the ALFN event venue/hotel.  

ALFN Event Attendance Networking Policy
Event attendees shall not invite client/servicer representatives, ALFN members or other event attendees to off-site events or onsite venues during an ALFN scheduled event function or activity.  ALFN hosts its events in an effort to attract clients/servicers and other industry representatives, and to provide its member firms with equal opportunity to network and interact with conference attendees.  Inviting clients/servicers and other conference attendees to off-site events or other onsite venues during an ALFN event function undermines the ALFN event. 

Nor shall event attendees invite or meet with unregistered guests that do business in, are employed in, or are affiliated with the mortgage servicing industry (including ALFN members, vendors and servicers).   

Service Provider Attendance Policy
Any entity, whether it be a partnership, corporation or LLC, that provides marketing or other ancillary services (as defined by Article Five of the Bylaws) to one or more Mortgage Servicer Members, Government/Investor Members, Affiliated Attorney-Trustee Members, and Non-Affiliated Attorney-Trustee Members, shall be required to join the ALFN as a Vendor/Associate Member and remain in good standing, including, but not limited to, paying dues and complying with all bylaws and policies.
While attending ALFN conferences and events, any entity (including its officers, agents and employees) providing marketing or ancillary services shall only market, solicit, or promote business on behalf of ALFN members in good standing and registered to attend said ALFN event.