Attorney Computer Systems Closing and Staff will Join Affinity Consulting Group

Experienced legal tech firm shutters August 31, 2020 and team will move to larger company
Dundee, MI – August 24, 2020 – After forty years of being in business, Attorney Computer Systems, a popular legal tech provider, is closing its doors. However, founder Paul Purdue and his team at Attorney Computer Systems are joining forces with a much larger team at Affinity Consulting Group. They'll still have the same infrastructure and technology superpowers clients relied on, but as part of Affinity Consulting Group they'll have even more resources available to help clients “worry less and practice more.”  

Clients will continue to work with the team members they know from Attorney Computer Systems and will also be able to access additional resources from the team members at Affinity Consulting. The transition of both the employees and clients from Attorney Computer Systems to Affinity Consulting will be complete no later than August 31st, 2020.   

Paul Purdue, Founder of Attorney Computer Systems says “After forty years of being in this industry, I am very excited about this next chapter with Affinity. I've spent my entire career helping firms leverage technology and now with Affinity, my team and I will have access to even more resources to help more clients. Same superpowers, different cape.” 

Debbie Foster, Founder of Affinity Consulting Group agrees “Paul is a legend in this field and his team is well-known in our industry. We are thrilled to bring Paul and his team on board to join our organization.” 

Affinity Consulting Group is the guiding force behind positive change in legal organizations. Their team partners with clients to discover opportunities, drive process improvements, increase efficiency, and better leverage technology, allowing clients to focus on doing the work they love. 

About Attorney Computer Systems 

The team at Attorney Computer Systems not only has the years of experience you would want from your technology partners, but also have been able to constantly change and adapt to changing times. Technology changes rapidly, and the people who are supporting that technology need to change just as quickly. Our team has been anchored in sound principles for forty years, and are constantly changing and adapting to the needs of the moment. We love this stuff (so you don't have to).  

About Affinity Consulting Group 

Affinity Consulting Group is a law firm management and legal technology consulting company that inspires, enables, and empowers legal teams of all sizes to work more efficiently. The company's holistic approach addresses the roles of people, process, and technology in optimizing performance. To learn more, please contact Affinity Consulting Group by phone at (877) 676-5492, by email at, or by visiting