Quarterly Calls, Quarterly Publications, and an Annual Meeting: Introducing WILLed and WILLPOWER
Introducing Your Chairs and Co-Chairs
Friday, January 15, 2016
by: By Erica Fujimoto and Natalie Grigg

Section: WILLed Q1 2016

Contacting the WILL Leadership Team

Each member of the WILL Leadership Team chairs a committee tasked with coordinating WILL activities or opportunities. WILL members can join a committee or suggest an action item by contacting the leadership team at WILL_Lead@ALFN.org
On behalf of the WILL Leadership team, we are excited to present our first edition of WILLed, a quarterly publication brought to you by ALFN’s Women in Legal Leadership practice group. The purpose of WILLed is to disseminate information, promote unity, and provide updates to our members. By way of background, WILL was founded by the ALFN in early 2015.  Following its initial launch, it became readily apparent that the group would take both the ALFN and the industry by storm! Within the first 2 weeks of inception, over 100 women from lenders, servicers, law firms, and other industry vendors joined the group. Recognizing a need for this type of organization within the mortgage servicing industry, ALFN opened membership to women from non-ALFN members, and we are excited to report that women of other organizations such as USFN and the Legal League have been joining our ranks. ALFN requested nominations for chairwoman and co-chairwomen, and received quite a few applications and nominations. From those, the inaugural leadership team was formed. It is our pleasure to introduce our team to you here.
Caren Jacobs Castle, Chairwoman
Senior Attorney with The Wolf Firm
Located in Irvine, CA
Little Known Fact about Caren: Her dream job (had she not become a lawyer) would have been to be a sports announcer.
Cathe Cole-Sherburn, Co-Chairwoman
Vice President of Default Operations with Trustee Corps
Located in Irvine, CA
Little Known Fact about Cathe: Her daughter won her prize packages and the entire showcase showdown on “The Price is Right,” and Cathe was right there to witness it!
Erica Fujimoto, Co-Chairwoman
Director of Default Services with Affinity Consulting Group
Located in Frisco, TX
Little Known Fact about Erica: She is not Japanese (you’d be surprised how many people ask her that), but she does speak fluent Japanese, and she has one son who thinks he is more Japanese than American.
Amanda V. Green, Esq., Co-Chairwoman
Vice President of Operations & Compliance with Shapiro Kreisman & Associates, LLC
Located in Bannockburn, IL
Little Known Fact about Amanda: She a mother of two girls 3 years apart that share the same birthday!  And she’s also a Girl Scout Brownie Troop Leader
Natalie Grigg, Co-Chairwoman
Supervising Partner Default Services Practice Group with Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP
Located in Rochester, NY
Little Known Fact about Natalie: She won her dog at a Make A Wish Gala and named it after her first client.
Maryann Mack, Co-Chairwoman
Director of Marketing and Client Relations with Rosenberg and Associates, LLC
Located in Fairport, NY
Little Known Fact about Maryann: She loves the challenge of home improvement projects, including tearing down and moving walls.
Kris Murtha, Co-Chairwoman
Shareholder/Managing Attorney NJ, with KML Law Group, PC
Located in Westmont, NJ
Little Known Fact about Kris: I drove California One from San Diego to Sacramento, and am definitely headed back to drive from Sacramento to Vancouver.
Alicia Wood, Co-Chairwoman
Vice President, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Default Reporting and Collateral with Residential Credit Solutions, Inc.
Located in Fort Worth, TX
Little Known Fact about Alicia: If anyone has met her, there’s very little that they DON’T know about her, but one thing that always shocks people is that she has 8 dogs (yes – eight and no, not all in her house). They are her babies – taking care of them keeps her grounded and brings her a great deal peace after a hectic day.

Andrea Tromberg, Esq., ALFN Board of Directors Liaison
Managing Attorney, Gladstone Law Group
Located in Boca Raton, FL
Little Known Fact about Andrea: Andrea has a yellow/blue chord in Capoeria, a Brazilian Martial Art.

The leadership team first met in person at ALFN Answers in July, 2015 and laid out initial plans for the year. One of the main goals is to organize the WILLPower Summit in conjunction with ALFN Advocacy Day to be held in April, 2016 (see Liz Potter’s “Advocacy Day” for more information). Additionally, to better serve the members of WILL, we formed committees within the group to promote participation and encourage leadership among our members. The committees are Advocacy led by Caren Castle, WillPower Content led by Kris Murtha and Alicia Wood, Editorial led by Natalie Grigg and Erica Fujimoto, Sponsorship led by Amanda Green, and Membership led by Maryann Mack and Cathe Cole-Sherburn.

Finally, we are excited to announce our four pillars, which will be the areas of focus for the group, and which we plan to make the focus of this and the next three issues of WILLed. Our pillars are Advocacy, Leadership, Balance, and Mentorship, which is the focus of this quarter’s WILLed. We look forward to hearing from you over the coming months, and encourage you to contact us if you have ideas for content, would like to write articles, or would like to become a member of WILL. 
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