The ALFN offers three general membership types: Attorney/Trustee, Associate and Mortgage Servicer. Details on our membership types are as follows:
Attorney/Trustee Membership 
ALFN Attorney/Trustee members are law firm within the mortgage banking industry that represents creditors. The entire law firm joins the ALFN and all employees may enjoy member benefits. Attorney/Trustee members join by state and initiation fees and dues are structured based on firm size and the number of states in which a firm joins. For downloadable fees structure, click here. 
Associate Membership
ALFN Associate Members are ancillary service providers within the mortgage banking industry.  In instances where an associate applicant is wholly owned by a law firm or trustee, the law firm or trustee must first be a member of the ALFN. The entire company joins the ALFN and all employees may enjoy member benefits. Associates are organized by five distinct categories:

  • Legal Support Service Professionals - Default Outsourcing, Document Preparation, Document Retrieval, Loss Mitigation Providers, Media/Publications, Posting & Publishing and Service of Process and Skip Tracing.
  • Risk Evaluation, Investment Research and Consulting Professionals - Collateral Risk Management, Consulting Services, Fraud Detection, Portfolio Analysis, Rating Agencies.
  • Land and Title Professionals - Land Title Examiners and Abstractors, Title Insurance Companies & Title Service Providers.
  • Technology Professionals - Data and Technology Service Providers.
  • Asset Protection Professionals - Asset Management Companies, Field Service Providers, Hazard Claims, Mortgage Insurers, Property Preservation Companies, Property Valuations, Real Estate Brokers/Agents, REO Marketing and Management and Subordinate Lien Services. 
Mortgage Servicer Membership
An ALFN Mortgage Servicer Member is an individual who is employed by a mortgage servicer, lender, originator or other financial services firm in a role associated with the operations, processing, oversight, regulation, compliance or management of servicing defaulted mortgage products. Servicer Memberships are held by the individual and not the institution. Additionally, individuals employed by a government-sponsored enterprise or other state or federal regulatory body, member of the judicial branch or other government employee may join under the "GSE/Investor/Government/Judicial" category at no charge. 

Non-Member Group Affiliations
Individuals employed by a non-member of the ALFN may participate in two of the ALFN's most important industry-leading groups: the award-winning Junior Professionals & Executives Group (JPEG) and Women in Legal Leadership (WILL) for a nominal fee of $199 per year. Participation in JPEG: Picture the Future and ANSWERS are not included, however attendance at WILLPOWER and Advocacy Day is permitted. Individuals must be employed by a law firm or ancilary services provider that is qualified for general ALFN membership.