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Industry Leaders LPS and KMC Information Systems Form Strategic Alliance

Integration of LPS Technologies and CaseAware Case Management System Will Improve Foreclosure Processing Efficiency and Transparency 

Lender Processing Services, Inc. (NYSE: LPS), a leading provider of integrated technology, data and analytics to the mortgage and real estate industries, and KMC Information Systems (KMCIS), the leading provider of case management and integration technology to law firms and trustees, have formed a strategic alliance that will more fully integrate select LPS technologies with KMCIS’ CaseAware® platform and create an end-to-end foreclosure processing solution for loan servicers.

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Trailblazers: Tavant TechnologiesOpen in a New Window

Tavant adds flexibility to its clients’ business and technology initiatives by keeping their investments in large enterprise systems (such as an LOS) intact and providing a “surround and extend” strategy and infrastructure that allows them to provide unique business differentiators to their customer base.


Trailblazers: SecureViewOpen in a New Window

Boarded houses advertise a property’s vacancy, increasing vandalism and other crimes. Seeing the neighborhood blight that resulted from these plywood-boarded properties inspired Robert Klein, founder of Safeguard Properties, to develop a new product that solved these problems: SecureView.


2015 Trailblazers: Nationwide Title ClearingOpen in a New Window

Nationwide Title Clearing's broad service offerings range from recording and title clearing services for loan originators to post-closing audits, mortgage assignment, pre-sale audits and payoff services — covering the entire lifecycle of a loan. The company has seen a stunning 350% growth in the last four years and can track and fulfill county document requirements in all 3600+ recording jurisdictions nationwide.


2015 Trailblazers: National Real Tax TrackingOpen in a New Window

National Real Tax Tracking provides lenders, servicers, investors and title companies with the information they need for research, due diligence and compliance. By functioning as an outsourced tax division, NRTT empowers companies to research, monitor and manage everything they need related to property tax status, in a compliant and transparent way.


2015 Trailblazers: Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corp.Open in a New Window

Mason-McDuffie utilizes the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement, which places a high value on each employee and empowers them to spot and eliminate waste. From a practical standpoint, it means that the company’s collaborative structure is focused on making changes, monitoring results and adjusting accordingly.


2015 Trailblazers: Global DMSOpen in a New Window

Global DMS has developed an appraisal work-flow engine — eTrac Enterprise — that gives users a single-source valuation management platform to centralize all aspects of the appraisal process. This work-flow engine eliminates the need for manual intervention within specified processes because all of the steps and notifications are automated.


2015 Trailblazers: EquifaxOpen in a New Window

Today, many lenders verify an applicant’s employment and income themselves, often by having consumers provide W-2s and pay stubs. This is not only a time-intensive process that relies on consumers, but it also increases the risk to lenders due to a potential for fraud because the employer is removed from the process.


2015 Trailblazers: Black Knight Financial ServicesOpen in a New Window

To support lenders and their network of settlement agents with their efforts at TRID compliance, Black Knight’s Closing Insight solution offers online integrations with major title and settlement platforms to facilitate lenders’ efforts to generate the new closing disclosure forms and enable lenders and settlement agents to reconcile fees within mandated timelines.


2015 Trailblazers: Arch MIOpen in a New Window

With its commitment to real innovation, including Arch MI RateStar and Arch Mortgage Guaranty Company, Arch MI has proven itself to be the partner that can transform and expand lending horizons.


2015 Trailblazers: Alight Mortgage LendingOpen in a New Window

Alight Mortgage Lending helps answer key questions like: What happens if mortgage rates skyrocket? Will it be better to open a new branch this quarter or next? Is there enough cash to build franchise value by retaining servicing? Using Alight, lenders can make this kind of scenario-driven analysis a critical part of day-to-day business for all teams across their enterprise.


Company Spotlight: LenderLiveOpen in a New Window

As a true end-to-end solutions provider, LenderLive specializes in enabling key functions for a lender’s organization including loan origination, document management and document preparation, settlement services, loan servicing, due diligence and operational compliance. Moreover, LenderLive’s expansion into loan subservicing comes at the right time for mortgage companies, banks and credit unions looking for help with subservicing. LenderLive offers these companies a complete subservicing solution enabling these lenders to benefit from LenderLive’s scale.


The next big thing in SFR: Lending to landlordsOpen in a New Window

Tighter regulation and higher risk aversion — both to actual risk and to headline risk — in the world of mainstream lending mean that despite the opportunity available with SFR investors, traditional lenders have by and large not jumped on this opportunity. That leaves these nontraditional national lenders a bigger share of the pie in a market that in the past has been largely the domain of local and regional hard-money lenders.


Economies of scale: Why consolidation may be just what SFR needsOpen in a New Window

On the multi-borrower side, the potential for volume is massively larger than on the single-family side, but the challenge until now has always been on how to scale this side of the business.


Embracing the science of income analysisOpen in a New Window

Despite the ever-increasing pressures in this area, most lenders still approach income by leaving it up to the underwriter to pull everything together. If technology can improve processes in so many areas of mortgage banking, why can’t it add efficiency to one of the most traditional aspects of the loan process, income calculation?


What's driving mortgage lending behavior?Open in a New Window

That lenders may be holding back a bit is not surprising as lessons from behavioral finance studies suggest that individuals tend to weight recent experience more than the past. Applied to the mortgage business and compounded by rising compliance costs, recent experience with heavy credit losses of the crisis could be dampening management enthusiasm for credit expansion in an otherwise expanding, albeit tepid economy.


5.8 million foreclosures, and countingOpen in a New Window

Over the past eight years, housing counselors and the mortgage servicing industry have learned a lot, and it’s our joint responsibility to avoid the mistakes of the past, to maintain momentum, and to create new pathways for homeowner-centric loss mitigation practices that have sustainable homeownership as the No. 1 objective.


Tech Innovator: Centric Technology Solutions refines the appraisal processOpen in a New Window

For appraisers, the platform’s embedded guidelines mean fewer revisions, so they can not only complete more valuations, but do so with greater clarity. New appraisers can be brought on board quickly with educational opportunities built into the platform, which could shorten the appraiser’s learning curve by 60% to 80%.


Hot Seat: Patrick Nackley of Superior Home ServicesOpen in a New Window

We don’t want servicers to get shorted on pricing, depreciation, being paid overhead and profit. If you are maximizing the value of each settlement and anticipating using that money to repair, you are reducing the incidents of corporate contribution.


2015 HW Vanguard Award winnersOpen in a New Window

All of the sectors of the housing economy now — real estate, lending, servicing and investing — are navigating unchartered territory. The challenges are new and the processes scrutinized as never before. Against that backdrop, we at HousingWire thought it was appropriate to recognize the tremendous leadership within the mortgage space with our first annual HW Vanguard Awards. Companies in our business couldn’t have survived the crisis, or formed in this brave new world, without serious leadership.


TRID is a real obstacle to mortgage processOpen in a New Window

Despite reports saying that TRID hasn’t caused any major lending delays, the key word in all the reports is 'yet.'


Buy this super-green California home, get a free TeslaOpen in a New Window

Over the years, we’ve seen some creative efforts when it comes to trying to sell a home. About this time last year, the owner of a 16,000-square-foot mansion in Dallas offered up a free 2015 Bentley to the real estate agent or Realtor who secured a buyer for their home – in addition to their normal commission. But a new listing in California takes the automobile sweetener to a higher, and greener, level.


Kal Raman resigns as CEO of Nationstar's XomeOpen in a New Window

In the last year, Nationstar Mortgage has transformed Solutionstar, one of the company’s wholly owned subsidiaries, into Xome, which boasted that it offered consumers a one-stop shop for the entire real estate experience. Nationstar tasked Kal Raman with shepherding that transition, adding Raman as CEO of Solutionstar in Nov. 2014. But now, just over one year after he took over Solutionstar, Raman is resigning.


HUD watchdog issues warning on fraudulent, inflated reverse mortgage appraisalsOpen in a New Window

In the run-up to the financial crisis, fraudulent appraisal schemes ran rampant in the housing industry, eventually leading to the complete overhaul of the property appraisal system and the rise of appraisal management companies. As it turns out, schemes like that have not been completely forced out of the industry.


Fed adopts new rule limiting 'too big to fail' bailoutsOpen in a New Window

Amid pressure from Congress to rein in its power to prop up a troubled financial institution, the Federal Reserve did just that Monday, adopting a new rule that will limit its ability to bail out failing financial institutions.


Inventory shortages restrict growth in pending home salesOpen in a New Window

Pending home sales barely moved in October as the housing market starts to flatline in the fall. A main cause and concern behind the drop: inventory shortages.


Here's how Chinese homebuyers are reshaping U.S. housingOpen in a New Window

Chinese money is becoming a major force in real estate around the world and in America. A new luxury development 35 miles northwest of Dallas is only the latest frontier for Chinese buyers.


To acquire or not to acquire?Open in a New Window

Stories of firms beating their own 2015 projections are widespread, which means the gaze for 2016 is shifting to future growth. It’s possible you are considering the on-boarding of new branches as a way to keep filling your origination coffers. It only takes one branch manager or regional manager changing employers to influence the migration of entire origination teams and change a firm’s future outlook.


Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: 10 commandments for mortgage loan officersOpen in a New Window

As the Thanksgiving holiday wraps up and the housing industry gears up for the end of the year, these two loan officers from Solano Mortgage published a hysterical piece on the Ten Commandments of applying for a home mortgage. Meanwhile, are you looking at the big picture when you choose to renovate your home? If not, it could cost you.


[Charts] Here are the home price breakdowns in the 10 largest statesOpen in a New Window

As a whole, home prices barely increased, growing 0.1% in September. However, going a little deeper, these charts show what is going on in the 10 largest states.


The missing question in Yellen’s Congress discussionOpen in a New Window

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen achieved the primary goal of any new Fed chief and avoided any obvious land mines. But what was lacking in the dialogue, both from Yellen and the media, was a serious discussion of what’s next for national economic policy.
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